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Barnau Consultants

Annemarié Naudé has a Ph.D. in Social work (North-West University) and over the last 25 years, her career has spanned academic, corporate and private practitioner fields. Besides her success as a private practitioner and lecturer at RAU, she was also part of the team which developed, implemented and evaluated the National Life Skills Programme for the SAPS.

In addition, she has contributed extensively to the Stress Management Programme of the SAPS and represented them at the weekly ward rounds with the Psychiatrist at Riverfield Lodge ( in Gauteng. Annemarie evaluated the SAPS HIV and AIDS Programme and made recommendations towards its improvement on National level.

She also developed a model for a HIV and AIDS workplace programme, which is at present being used by the Engineering Department of the North West University (Potchefstroom Campus).

Annemarié is a Certified Imago Therapist as well as a Life and Business Coach. She continues to make a difference in private practice, supporting individuals, families and groups, in both trauma and personal enrichment. She currently renders Employee Assistance Services at TWP Projects in Johannesburg and is involved in Capacity Building Programmes.

Annemarié is affiliated to various other Employee Assistance Services as a Wellness Consultant and therapist. She is registered with the SA Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP and is a member of the SA Association of Social Workers in Private Practice (SAASWIPP

Barnau Consultants

Elma Bartlett is a Clinical Social Worker with a MA (SW) degree obtained from UP. She also obtained a Diplomat Clinician degree in Logotherapy from the Victor Frankl Institute ( and is an internationally accredited Diplomate Clinician in Logotherapy.

She has gained more than 25 years experience in the private therapy, institutional, educational and commercial spheres. Her grounding as a therapist was obtained at the Institute of Child and Parent Guidance at RAU, as Director of FAMSA Potchefstroom ( and as Group Facilitator at the Psychiatric department of the Milpark hospital.

As a part-time lecturer at the Pretoria Technicon and MDiv students at UP, Elma not only guided students, but, over the years, also continued her own professional development. She completed various extensive courses on counselling, mediation, trauma therapy, assessment of children, play therapy, addictions, divorce and narrative therapy.

She is affiliated to various Employee Assistance Services as a Wellness Consultant and Therapist and is a member of the SA Association of Social Workers in Private Practice.

Elma is also actively involved in her private practice in Johannesburg, supporting people in finding balance, resilience and meaning in times of change and loss.